VoIP Telephone Systems

The Grandstream 6510 IP PBX is a combined VoIP Telephone System appliance with core-Asterisk software that has been security hardened for Enterprise customers. It is the perfect solution for Enterprise customers on a budget.

IP Office is a proven VoIP Telephone System that allows companies with existing Avaya PBXs to upgrade their telephone system functionality without the expense associated with upgrading their cabling infrastructure.  This solution is perfect for the cost conscious consumer that likes the reliability of Avaya digital phones.

Microsoft's Skype for Business on-premise (hybrid) server 2015 solution features leading edge functionality that is a good match for Enterprise customers searching for a feature rich VoIP Telephone System with the ability to integrate O365 click to call and other Microsoft cloud functionality.

The Grandstream 6510 VoIP Telephone System is located on a hardened telephony server and includes an updated browser compatible interface, Linux Operating System (OS), and Enterprise security hardening. The telephony server has been designed for maximum reliability with no moving parts.

The Grandstream 6510 IP PBX can be differentiated in the following ways:

  • Scalability: The software can scale from 30 extensions to 2000 extensions.
  • Market Share: Core-Asterisk phone systems have about 22% of the global market share for new VoIP telephone system implementations.
  • Cell Phone Integration: Includes cell phone integration using the “find me follow me” feature, which allows transfer of cell phone calls to the employee’s office IP phone and coverage of calls to the employee’s work voicemail.
  • Call Detail Recording (CDR): Call detail recording and reporting features are incorporated in the software.
  • Conferencing (Audio): Audio conferencing capability is built into the hardware and software, but programming is required to set up and activate the conferencing circuits.


Leading edge third-party solutions that enhance the functioning of the Grandstream 6510 IP PBX include the following:

  • Polycom IP7000 IP conferencing unit that has broadband voice quality, a superior range, a high resolution display, and allows cell phone connectivity via the Bluetooth protocol.
  • Plantronics SAVY 3 in 1 wireless headset with a range of 200 feet. It provides wireless headset connectivity with SIP / IP phones. It also interfaces with the end user’s PC computer so that they can listen to webinars and integrates to cell phones via the Bluetooth protocol, so that end users can communicate with cell phone callers using their wireless headset.


The Grandstream 6510 IP PBX has been tested and is fully compatible with the Grandstream 2135 IP Phone.

Business drivers that affect the selection of IP Phones include:
Executives and sales people frequently meet with the public and the image that is generated by a professional IP telephone is necessary to position the company as profitable and successful. The recommended phone for executives is the GXP2135 IP Phone.
Secretaries frequently need a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) module which allows them to monitor presence and perform conference / call transfer / forward / and pickup activity. Up to four of the GXP2200EXT expansion modules can be attached to a GXP2140 IP Phone. Consequently, the best solution for a secretary that handles calls for a large department, is the GXP2140 IP phone with the GXP2200EXT expansion module.
Regular employees are able to work productively with the standard 3-line telephone with high definition sound and a color display. The recommended phone for a regular employee is the GXP2135 IP Phone.
Remote workers, who require telecommuting functionality, are required to access the company’s network over a secure VPN connection. The VPN functionally provides the security needed in order to connect an IP Phone to the corporate PBX from a remote location. As a result, an IP Phone that includes VPN functionality is a core requirement for remote workers.

Both Avaya's IP Office and Microsoft's Skype for Business feature leading edge functionality that ensure they are the top choice for Enterprise customers searching for a VoIP Telephone System.

The Microsoft Skype for Business on-premise server integrates with Microsoft's cloud-based O365 Outlook e-mail platform for click-to-call capability, to the Polycom VVX - IP telephone for stereo quality - High Definition (HD) wideband audio telephone calls, to the carrier for local and long distance calls, and to the user's workstation for peer-to-peer video conferencing capability.

Both IP Office and Skype for Business are State-of-the-Art - on-premise voice solutions that offer the infrastructure needed for Enterprise customers to enable their employees to increase productivity.

Many Enterprise customers have older standalone telephone systems that do NOT integrate to Outlook or to the end user's desktop computer. 

Both the IP Office and Skype for Business solutions have rack-mounted on-premise servers that were designed for maximum reliability. 

Both the IP Office and Skype for Business provide the optimum solution for Enterprise customers who are faced with the business requirement to upgrade their phone system.

IP Telephony Solutions, Inc. provides integration to the IP Office and Skype for Business so that the end-user customer can implement the full functionality that is offered.


Avaya's IP Office and Microsoft's Skype for Business on-premise system can be differentiated in the following ways:

  • Voice and Video Infrastructure required to support various Business Drivers
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Outlook / O365 integration
  • Workstation integration


Equipment that is included in the IP Office and Skype for Business on-premise offerings include the following:

Avaya's IP Office server, VCM interface module, Cisco 24 port or 48 port POE, gigabit switch

Microsoft's Skype for Business on-premise server 2015, Load Balancing software, Netgear or Cisco, 24 port or 48 port, POE, gigabit switch, Patton gateways


Business drivers that affect the selection of IP Office 96XX IP Phones and Polycom VVX IP phones include:


Sales people


Regular employees

Remote workers

Mobile workers

Avaya's IP Office is an on-premise solution that is fully compatible with the 95xx digital phones and 96xx IP Phones.

Microsoft's Skype for Business on-premise solution has been tested and is fully compatible with the Polycom VVX IP Phone devices.


Leading edge Polycom conferencing solutions that enhance the functioning of the IP Office and Skype for Business on-premise system include the following:

  • Polycom 5000
  • Polycom 6000
  • Polycom 7000

Leading edge Plantronics headset solutions that enable wideband, high-definition (HD) audio include the following:

  • Plantronics Headsets, Wideband, High Definition (HD), Noise Canceling
  • Plantronics wireless solutions